Victorien Mulliez Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

Victorien Mulliez is a French musician and a DJ. In October 2022, he announced his relationship with Monica Dogra, an American musician and actress.


Victorien Mulliez was born on Thursday, 21 September 1989 (age 33 years; as of 2022) in northern France. [1] His zodiac sign is Virgo.

Childhood picture of Victorien Mulliez

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Weight (approx.): 75 kg

Hair Colour: Light Golden Brown

Eye Colour: Dark Brown


Parents & Siblings

Victorien’s father’s name is Ghislain Mulliez.

Victorien Mulliez, along with his father, Ghislain Mulliez

His mother’s name is Isabelle Mulliez.

Victorien Mulliez, along with his mother, Isabelle Mulliez

Victorien’s younger sister, Hortense Mulliez, is a yoga instructor.

Victorien Mulliez, along with his younger sister, Hortense Mulliez

Wife & Children

As of 2022, Victorien Mulliez is unmarried.


In October 2022, Victorien was in a relationship with Monica Dogra, an American musician and actress.

Victorien Mulliez, along with his girlfriend, Monica Dogra

The couple met through a mutual friend at a concert in California. Victorien announced his relationship with Monica through an Instagram post, which read,

To love, is to allow the flower to bloom. Blessed to be walking the path with this one. A path of growth, transformation, love and adventures. Thank you for walking with me.” [2]


Since childhood, Victorien had a keen enthusiasm for composing music and playing various musical instruments. Initially, he started solo by singing and playing instruments at parties or on different occasions. At the age of nineteen, he met Florent Denecker, a singer, musician, and DJ from France, at a common friend’s birthday party, and together they decided to collaborate. The duo formed a musical group, FDVM, which was derived from the initials of their names.


They composed, produced, and released various music videos and performed live in various musical concerts and festivals like Solis Music & Arts Festival, Touquet Music Beach Festival, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Burning Man, Mysteryland, Woogie Weekend, Outside Lands, and Opex Festival.

Victorien Mulliez (left) with Florent Denecker DJing at an event

In 2020, Victorien left the musical group FDVM. In 2022, Victorien, along with his girlfriend, Monica Dogra, started Nākaloka, a mediation concert, which involved sacred chanting using flute music.

Victorien Mulliez and Monica Dogra at a meditation concert


In 2015, Victorien, along with Florent Denecker, was awarded Best Looking Duo at SnowGlobe Awards 2015.

Victorien Mulliez shared the Best Looking Duo Award with Florent Denecker at SnowGlobe Awards 2015


  • Song: Body Funk by Purple Disco Machine
  • Musical instrument(s): Guitar and Flute
  • DJ: Tino Piontek (known by the stage name Purple Disco Machine)
  • Music Festival(s): Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival


  • Victorien is fondly called Vic by her friends and family. [3]
  • In an interview, Victorien’s girlfriend, Monica Dogra, talked about his boyfriend and how they connected and said,

    Victorien is a fantastic musician and a well-known DJ from France. He has toured around the world and performed at iconic musical concerts. First and foremost, we connect through our spiritual practices and pursuits.” [4]

  • Victorien is an enthusiastic environmentalist who founded LitterRally in 2019, an NGO, which aims at developing awareness among people to be environmentally conscious and organizes trash-picking rallies with a twist of dance. [5]

    Victorien Mulliez at a cleaning event for LitterRally

  • Victorien is often seen wearing a pom pom garland at his musical events and tours. On being asked about the reason behind wearing a pompom garland, he replied,

    Because I love them would be my first answer. But there is more to it. My dear friends discovered an artisan in Mexico who was making amazing Poms, they had the idea to bring them to NY and around the world. Not only they allow the artisan to sustain his activity, it is now a few families which can benefit and live from the income made from these. Last but not least, in addition to the social impact these have, we call them Magic Pompoms, and believe they make everyday’s life a more fun and bright adventure.

    Victorien Mulliez wearing a pom pom garland